Thursday, October 28, 2010

Start of a blog

Who knows when it is a good time to begin a blog. I guess there is truly never a great time, but I thought it might be fun to start one.

Hence, the first post. So I have gone through many possible backgrounds and finally decided on one of my favorite photos of Ashley running with the dog near Mt. Baldy. We were so excited to leave the house that morning after 2 days of rain and snow. It was great to see the sun again and just be outside. We bundled up and quickly realized we'd put on too many clothes, we quickly took off layers and stashed jackets in the bushes as we ran up. We stopped for this view at one of the first overlooks on our way up to Sunrise Peak. It was a perfect setting and we were able to get a great photo.

I remembered this photo yesterday running with Ashley up the road to Black Butte about 10 minutes from the house. We started low on the road and gradually climbed with the snow getting deeper as we went. I started out feeling sluggish, but as time went on I felt better and better.

There are so many times in life when running takes worries away. The run up Black Butte yesterday was one of those days. My insignificant concerns subsided and it was so much easier for relaxed joy to reenter my life.

So I guess running in fresh snow can feel like pure joy. I just have to remember that in January after three months of snow. Now off to run in the rain.

Quick video of Mati the dog playing with us as we ran up! Sorry it is sideways, but you get the point.