Sunday, January 2, 2011

Peter's birthday run

Your father-in-law only turns 60 once so you better do something fun-   We decided to run, what a surprise.

We celebrated THREE BIRTHDAY actually- Dennis turned 40, John 50 and Peter 60

Since it is a birthday party run we needed to have some goals.  Runners always have goals.

Today's goal was to bag as many peaks as possible, or at least 6!

Dimple came first!  We made it!

We lived to challenge McCulloch Peak next.

Survival was questioned, but we made it.  Off to gather the rest of the group and onto Price Peak.  We didn't know what we were in for. 

 Off we went with Peter leading the way.  Last minute instructions were in order.

This is where Peter began to explain there was no trail up to Price Peak!  Then we stopped and explained again that we were not lost and there are multiple ways to the top.  It is good to have options.

It was a bit frigid on top of Price Peak and there is a concrete block.  We took turns standing on it!

With the hardest and coldest challenge over we had 3 more peaks to bag.  Not without proper nutrition, Ashley and Vicki packed in some nutritious snacks.  This included peanut M&M's, licorice, Pepsi, and of course other natural whole foods. 

Then to Lookout!
On to Lunch Counter!

Up Forest Peak! Where only the strong survive!

Then over to Indian Hill.

Down we went...

and the party began!

Happy Birthday!